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Mainland Futures: Tianjiao is more likely to fall by the limit

Natural Rubber closing market of Shanghai Commodity Exchange: Tianjiao has fallen by the limit for five consecutive times, and the current price of ru0901 is 15375 yuan/ton

closing price of natural rubber on Tokyo industrial products exchange: 810 in recent months closed at 194.2, down 16.3; 902 closed at 190.3, down 15.9; Benchmark 903 closed at 191.0, down 15.9

October 13 is the Japanese health and sports festival. The Tokyo industrial products exchange is closed for one day and trading will resume tomorrow

spot market

the border closure between China and Vietnam is still tense. A small number of low-end quotations in Mangjie market are between yuan/ton, but there is no actual purchase, and most rubber dealers are still waiting

most traders in Qingdao Free Trade Zone don't quote. Some dollar glue quotes: Thailand 3# cigarette quoted about 2300 dollars/ton, Indonesia 20# quoted about 2200 dollars/ton. The transaction price is subject to the actual negotiation

the supply of natural rubber in Hengshui market is scarce, and the bid price is about 18500 yuan/ton. The quotation of 3L glue in Vietnam excluding tax is about 17100 yuan/ton; Thailand 3# cigarette is quoted at about 20000 yuan/ton. At present, traders seldom receive goods, and they are fast in and fast out

the reference quotation of some imported barreled latex in Shanghai market was reduced to between yuan/ton; Prices continued to decline, and the market was mostly on the sidelines, making it difficult to conclude transactions

the quotation of standard rubber in Shandong is about 18500 yuan/ton; Thailand has a small quantity of 3# cigarettes, and the quotation excluding tax is about 19300 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price was slightly lower, and the shipment of traders was accelerated

the quotation of composite glue in Qingdao Free Trade Zone continued to fall. The reference quotation of some Thai standard composite adhesives is about 19000 yuan/ton, and the reference quotation of some cigarette composite adhesives is about 19500 yuan/ton. The actual transaction price can be negotiated

the reference price of standard rubber in Zhejiang natural rubber market is about 18500 yuan/ton; The quotation of 3L glue in Vietnam is slightly confused, with some 13% tax reported between RMB/ton; The price of rubber continued to decline, and there were few downstream purchases, making it difficult to ship

synthetic rubber market

the price of styrene butadiene in Fujian continues to fall. The downstream buying of the terminal is flat, and the operator can go with it. If the price of styrene butadiene is significantly reduced after the expiration of the time limit and continues to be listed for sale, the mentality of the industry is poor. At present, the quotation of some local rosin 1502 is about 17900 yuan/ton; Some Qilu 1502 offers are slightly higher, and the actual transaction price is still mainly negotiated. The price of natural rubber continued to fall, and the future market of synthetic rubber continued to be bearish

according to the price announcement of petrochemical manufacturers, the trend of styrene butadiene rubber in Tianjin has not changed much. There are few goods to be found in the downstream of the terminal. At present, the quotation of some local rosin 1502 is temporarily stable at about yuan/ton, and some tentative quotations are at yuan/ton. The supply of oil filled glue 1712 is limited, and some quotations are about yuan/ton. The actual transaction price is mainly negotiated on the basis of the actual demand. The price of natural rubber continued to fall, and the overall mentality of the industry was poor

the styrene butadiene rubber market of Qilu Chemical City offers sporadic quotations, and the manufacturer has not yet approved the opening range, so the market will wait and see. At present, the tentative quotation of local sporadic rosin butadiene benzene 1502 is about yuan/ton; The tentative quotation of oil filled styrene butadiene rubber 1712 is about yuan/ton; The transaction price is mostly based on the actual demand negotiation. The price of international crude oil futures fell to the lowest level in the year under the heavy pressure of the international economy, and the price of Tianjiao futures continued to decline; The outer disc of styrene in Asia fell sharply for four consecutive days, and the styrene butadiene rubber market was full of haze

affected by the sharp reduction in the price of cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber, the market of cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber in Fujian fell. The terminal buying is poor, and the market trading atmosphere is soft. The local Yuehua polybutadiene rubber quotation including tax is about 18600 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is mainly negotiated

the unveiling price has not been formally approved, and the quotations of Qilu Chemical City are scarce, so the market is closed for the moment. At present, the tentative quotation of local sporadic CIS polybutadiene rubber is about yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price is mostly negotiated. The spot price of natural rubber continues to fall, and the weakness of synthetic rubber will continue

the quotation of domestic polybutadiene rubber manufacturers is temporarily stable. There are rumors in the market that the price of Sinopec polybutadiene rubber will be reduced by 1100 yuan/ton to 18400 yuan/ton, but the headquarters has not approved it. We will further track and verify it. The quotation of cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber in the domestic market has been generally reduced, and many sporadic transactions have been negotiated, and the downstream receiving atmosphere is still not ideal. Global economic problems weighed on oil demand, and the international crude oil futures price fell to the lowest level in the year; At present, the weakness of Japanese glue trading remains; Today, the price of polybutadiene rubber manufacturers will gradually become clear, and it is more likely to continue to be listed for sale

Fujian has also applied for a PCT international patent field. There are not many SBS oil and rubber in stock, the market is seriously bearish, the downstream inquiry intention is not strong, and the overall transaction is limited. With the progress of society, the mainstream tax free market quotation of Maoming F675 is about 13800 yuan/ton

the SBS oil glue market atmosphere around Yanshan is acceptable, and the downstream inquiry has not increased significantly. Due to market rumors that Sinopec's settlement price will soon introduce the operation steps of the helmet impact resistance testing machine, the downstream is mainly on the sidelines, and the amount is available at any time. At present, 4452 manufacturers have few sources of goods, and traders have difficulties in picking up goods. At present, the mainstream market quotation including tax is about 14000 yuan/ton

the trading of Jiangsu SBS dry rubber market is normal. At present, the peak season of dry rubber is coming, and downstream inquiries are increasing. However, due to the current market rumors that Sinopec's unveiling price will be significantly reduced, the local traders' quotation intention is not strong, and they are cautious about the future market

other markets

although the supply of Russian isoprene rubber in Shanghai is small, the market quotation of ski-3 has been below 20000 yuan/ton. Due to the close relationship with Tianjiao, ski-3 still has a lot of room for decline. Ski-3s is in short supply, and there is basically no quotation in the market at present. At present, the downstream demand for isoprene rubber is still relatively low, and the shipment is based on the national standard gb11945 (1) 989 autoclaved lime sand brick

the market atmosphere of Japanese electrochemical chloroprene in Shandong is stable. I heard that the quotation of A-90 is about 44000 yuan/ton, the supply of goods is relatively stable, the downstream demand is sluggish, and the trading atmosphere is poor

Sinopec Beijing sales branch has not unveiled Yanshan butyl 1751, and will continue to follow up

operation suggestions

compared with the price of Tokyo rubber, the price of domestic Tianjiao is still high. Coupled with the impact of the sharp decline of crude oil over the weekend, the possibility of Shanghai Rubber falling by the limit today is still high. In addition, the previous Thursday and Friday were the limit, and if the domestic limit fell today, there would be six consecutive limits

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