The hottest mainm biochemical company acquired Avi

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Mainm biochemical company merged with Aviron

mainm biochemical company merged with Aviron

on December 2, the price of steel billets in the country rose partially. On December 10, 2001, we hope that the majority of employees will have an active working day

American biochemical technology industry mainm announced on December 3 that it will merge with Aviron, a vaccine research and development manufacturer, by using a variety of instruments in laboratory tests, The transaction amount is about US $1.5 billion. Mainm will use this to obtain the flow

cold epidemic 2 developed by Aviron The problem of the experimental schedule is the ownership of the vaccine, which is still in the experimental stage

mainm CEO Mott announced that this merger is the best strategy to enable the company to continue to develop

"I believe FluMist will become the main product of the company, and synagis, a drug for the prevention of respiratory diseases in children, is expected to make the company among the elites in the industry"

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