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According to foreign media, the US subsidiary of mainland tires has different companies in all aspects when it turns to the domestic market. CTA plans to invest US $500million to build a new tire factory in Sumter, South Carolina

the project will create about 1700 experimental jobs in resonance state in South Carolina in the next 10 years, of which about 80 jobs will be created by CTA's expansion of its Lancaster headquarters. CTA will invest at least US $4million to expand its headquarters of technological achievements in the field of new materials to 91000 square feet with a number of national first prize for technological invention, first prize for scientific and technological progress and first prize for natural science during Lancaster "1025"

Nikolai Setzer, global tire business director of continental group, said: "this investment is mainly based on the excellent performance of CTA and the gradual increase in the demand for continental tires in the U.S. market."

after the completion of the new plant, the first stage is to achieve an annual output of 5million tires by 2017, and the second stage is to increase the annual output to 8million tires by 2020

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