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Maintenance control held an application technology exchange meeting at the exhibition platform

on April 28, in Room 303 of the conference room of Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center, maintenance control held an application technology exchange meeting, and warmly invited all lovers to participate. The guests come from different people from all walks of life, some are bosses, some are engineers, and some are colleagues who have just joined the industry. General manager fan of maintenance control first introduced the development process of maintenance control in recent years and the development trend of the whole HMI industry. It is analyzed that the industrial control industry will not be eliminated, but a new industry that can withstand the wind and rain and still flourish. Looking back, it has adapted to various requirements for components, and looking forward to the future

link 2: General Manager Ding of maintenance control sales delivered his personal comments and views, and analyzed the collation of maintenance control HMI. In terms of software, it has the characteristics of independent research and development, and everything is developed and improved by itself; A solid R & D team gives sales a positive force. As long as there is demand and ideas, everything is not a problem; In addition, high-quality technology support groups in the industrial structure, all problems can be well solved. From the perspective of sales groups, sales partners in various regions, such as Yu, are all over the country to meet sales needs to the greatest extent. Many years of sales experience is expressed here and recognized by all guests

link 3: Ms. Lai Lidan, chief lecturer of maintenance control, introduced the application of HMI in various industries to all guests; For example, the textile industry, tower crane industry, Wenzhou multi machine interconnected shoe machine industry, the application of cooling water industry, etc. Combined with the basic use mode of maintenance control configuration software, explain how to use it in the industry to (5) roll and press the coordinate recording paper on the drawing cylinder (the ambient temperature of the facility when needed) to the monitoring effect of man-machine in the industrial control industry. The response of all guests was thunderous, and the technical consultation was well advanced to the final stage. Finally, the maintenance and control technology exchange meeting selected the representative guests through a lottery, thanked the guests for coming all the way, and ended the meeting happily

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