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Maintenance control launched a shell free human-machine interface, which supports fully embedded installation.

the human-machine interface on the market has a shell, which is generally made of ABS engineering plastic injection molding. Embedded installation is adopted during installation. The advantages of this installation are simple design and convenient installation. And waterproof. But from the aesthetic point of view, the plastic shell is exposed. Especially for some customers who need ODM design, it greatly destroys the overall beauty of the product. For example, the medical devices are white, and a black plastic shell is exposed outside, which is extremely incongruous

the man-machine interface without replacing the hydraulic oil case launched by maintenance control can perfectly solve this problem. It can realize the real embedded installation of the product and greatly improve the overall beauty of the product. Improve ODM, but its control accuracy and control range are very high and wide. At present, there are three ideas for the product image and quality level of products, such as the famous double material injection molding; The same material also has different surface treatment methods: 1. Add functional coating layers on the basis of PP film and PE film

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