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Mainstream media focused on "the largest exhibitor". Sany high-frequency appeared as "man No. 1"

mainstream media focused on "the largest exhibitor". Sany high-frequency appeared as "man No. 1"

China Construction machinery information

Sany manufacturing in the media lens

from May 15 to 18, the first Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition was held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center. In this exhibition, Sany 68 high-end products gathered in Changsha, with frequent highlights, attracting dozens of mainstream media at home and abroad to report

dozens of media, including Xinhua news agency, CCTV, cgtn, Guangming, China, science and technology, workers, China news service, Hong Kong business daily, Hunan, Hunan Satellite TV, etc., intensively reported the grand occasion of the Sany exhibition hall

CCTV LianBo focuses on Sany booth

on May 17, CCTV LianBo reported on the 2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition. In the camera, CCTV highlighted the atmosphere of the Sany outdoor exhibition area and the indoor Sany Heavy Truck and other equipment

in addition, the CCTV client also broadcast live on Sany exhibition area, explaining Sany pump truck, Sany crane and other equipment in detail, and praised Sany Heavy machinery as the "king of hoisting". Following CCTV's camera, nearly 200000 viewers felt the demeanor of the leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry

CCTV dialogue shares the power of great powers and heavy weapons

behind the super project, it is super equipment that supports it. Behind the "made in China" business card, Sany handed over an answer that reassured the world

driven by this national policy, on May 19, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, was a guest of CCTV finance and economics dialogue program, sharing the power of Chinese equipment behind super engineering. The sentence "ask me which projects are better than Sany" shows the confidence of "made in China"

Xinhua News Agency: Sany led the industry to enter the "unmanned era"

Xinhua News Agency published a report on the appearance of many "perceptible and thinking" construction machinery and equipment in Changsha, focusing on Sany's intelligent manufacturing, saying that Sany led the industry to enter the "unmanned era"

the article believes that Sany equipment "fine chemical industry is one of the most dynamic fields in today's chemical industry. It can 'perceive' geographical location, running track, oil pressure, speed and other information, and then transmit it to the enterprise by wireless communication module to provide help for design, marketing and after-sales service."

CCTV cgtn affirmed Sany's intelligent and international development achievements

during the exhibition, cgtn paid close attention to the intelligent and international development of Chinese construction machinery enterprises, specially came to Sany booth, interviewed the company's senior management in depth, and focused on Sany unmanned excavator and other intelligent equipment

it is reported that instead of paper packaging shopping bags, Sany is the largest exhibitor at this year's Changsha exhibition, highlighting Sany's position as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery

China news service especially loves Sany "robot man"

during the exhibition, China News Service reported on Sany's participation for many times. Various forms of reports, such as text, pictures and videos, have comprehensively displayed the achievements of Sany intelligent manufacturing and digital transformation for the public

for Sany unmanned excavator, China news service is particularly interested in it. It is not only called "robot man", but also believes that it brings a refreshing experience to visitors. It also affirms that Sany's unmanned equipment such as unmanned road roller, unmanned crane and fire fighting unmanned aircraft lead the industry into the "unmanned era"

Hunan Satellite TV reported that Sany "smart +"

Sany, as a typical representative of the "Hunan army of construction machinery", has attracted the attention of the "Hunan army of television" this exhibition. In the special report of "see the rising sun again" launched by Hunan Satellite TV, it was said that "Sany Heavy Industry: pointing to the future"

according to the report, as a heavyweight enterprise of global construction machinery, Sany Heavy Industry has bravely taken the lead in the huge wave of digital transformation, and is moving from "manufacturing" to "intelligence". During the exhibition, Hunan Satellite TV also paid full attention to the situation of Sany booth, and expected Sany to bring more "smart +" power to the first Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition

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