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Kelan County maintenance ABB Robot axis computer board maintenance fast

Kelan County maintenance ABB Robot axis computer board maintenance fast

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Kelan County maintenance ABB Robot shaft computer board maintenance fast

the motor cannot be started because the frequency converter cuts off the overcurrent. What problems should be paid attention to when the motor operates over 60Hz? (1) Machinery and devices should be fully possible to operate at this speed (mechanical strength, noise, vibration, etc.). (2) When the motor enters the constant power output range, its output torque should be able to maintain its work (the output power of the fan, pump and other shafts increases in proportion to the cubic of the speed, so it should also be noted when the speed increases a little). (3) The problem of bearing life should be fully considered. (4) For motors above medium capacity, especially 2-pole motors, it is necessary to carefully discuss with the manufacturer when operating above 60Hz. According to the different structure and lubrication mode of the reducer, several problems need to be paid attention to. In terms of gear structure, 70~80hz can usually be considered as * * * limit. When oil lubrication is adopted, continuous operation at low speed is related to gear damage, etc. Can frequency converter be used to drive single-phase motor? Can single phase electricity be used according to the performance source of yield point in the tensile process

the frequency converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC to DC), filter, inverter (DC to AC), braking unit, driving unit, detection unit, microprocessor unit, etc. The frequency converter adjusts the voltage and frequency of the output power supply by switching off the internal IGBT, and provides the required power supply voltage according to the actual needs of the motor, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed adjustment of the investigation results. In addition, the frequency converter has many protection functions, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload protection and so on. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, frequency converters have also been widely used

fast maintenance of ABB Robot axis computer board in Kelan County

the waveform of its output voltage is pulse square wave, and there are many harmonic components. The voltage and frequency change proportionally at the same time, which cannot be adjusted separately, and does not meet the requirements of AC power supply. In principle, it cannot be used as a power supply, and is generally only used for speed regulation of three-phase asynchronous motors. What are the interference modes of frequency converter and how to deal with them? (1) Radiation interference; Anti interference measures: for interference signals transmitted by radiation, it is mainly weakened by wiring and shielding the radiation source and disturbing lines. The interference signal transmitted through the line is mainly processed by adding filter, reactor or magnetic ring at the input and output side of the frequency converter. (1) The signal line and power line shall be vertically crossed or trunked. (2) Do not use wires of different metals to connect with each other. (3) The shielding tube (layer) shall be reliably grounded and ensure continuous and reliable grounding on the whole length. (4) Twisted pair shielded cable shall be used in signal circuit. (5 or a mature project) the grounding point of the shielding layer shall be as far away from the frequency converter as possible

working principle


the main circuit is the power conversion part that provides voltage and frequency regulation power supply for asynchronous motor. The main circuit of frequency converter can be divided into two types generally

variable frequency power analyzer

variable frequency power analyzer (5 pieces)

: voltage type is the frequency converter that converts the DC of voltage source into AC, and the filter of DC circuit is capacitance. Current mode is a frequency converter that converts the DC of current source into AC, and its DC circuit filter is inductance. It is composed of three parts, the "rectifier" that converts the power frequency power supply into DC power

Kelan County maintenance ABB Robot axis computer board maintenance is fast

so that the frequency converter can operate at a high efficiency value. 2) When the power classification of the frequency converter is different from that of the motor, the power of the frequency converter should be as close as possible to the power of the motor, but it should be slightly greater than the power of the motor. 3) When the motor is frequently started, braked or under heavy load starting and works more frequently, a higher-level frequency converter can be selected to use the frequency converter for long-term and safe operation. 4) After testing, the actual power of the motor is indeed surplus, so we can consider selecting a frequency converter with power less than the motor power, but we should pay attention to whether the instantaneous peak current will cause overcurrent protection action. 5) When the power of the frequency converter is different from that of the motor, the setting of the energy-saving program must be adjusted accordingly to achieve a higher energy-saving effect [1]. The box structure of the frequency converter should adapt to the environmental conditions, that is, the factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, pH, corrosive gas and so on must be considered. There are several common structural types for users to choose from: 1) open ipoo has no chassis

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