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Metal of IOS 8 will help Apple TV enter host games

at this week's apple WWDC developer conference, Apple introduced a new graphics processing technology that will be applied to the next generation mobile operating system IOS 8. Metal, on the other hand, can be used as one of the reference data for active packaging of mechanical running speed, tension conditioning, film running wear. This technology can make IOS games achieve fine image quality comparable to the host, Once combined with Apple's Apple TV set-top box, it will strongly promote apple to enter the mainstream console game market

when Craig federighi, senior vice president of Apple software engineering, introduced the metal technology of IOS 8 on WWDC, the picture of the mainframe shooting game "plant vs zombies: garden war" of PopCap under EA running on iPad appeared on the slide

EA subsequently issued a statement saying that Apple IOS 8's metal technology has improved the performance to a level that today's mobile games cannot match. We can achieve the best effect of games on the A7 processor, which can bring a console level game experience to iPhone or iPad

the friction coefficient of the material appearance will change to a certain extent.

there are already many excellent games on iPhone and iPad. In addition, they can also be used alone. Most of them are good at excellent image quality, but metal aims to let developers use the existing 64 bit A7 processor to achieve better results. At this WWDC developer conference, apple demonstrated the console game style images created by metal, such as cherry blossom petals flying all over the sky, beautiful and realistic water effects, and so on. These images are impressive, and such powerful graphics processing capabilities mean that IOS devices can run game engines for PCs and game consoles, such as the frost engine used by EA to create plants vs. Zombies: Garden war

but why did Apple launch metal? Console level games frequently hit the wall on iPhone and iPad, which is mainly caused by screen size and input mode. There are also consoles on the market that can make IOS games more like console games, but games that support these consoles are very rare

the product that needs metal technology most is Apple TV. Apple should have married Apple TV with console games for a long time, and the long rumored new version of Apple TV has been missing for a long time. Amazon has launched a fire TV set-top box with a game console, but Apple may be pursuing a more ambitious goal: to truly enter the mainstream console game market

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