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[invitation] 2018 China second-hand construction machinery and Equipment Industry Development Summit Forum

at present, China's second-hand industry has undergone profound changes. We can perceive the pain and joy of the industry in the deep transformation period, and can experience the opportunities and challenges of industry practitioners under the general trend. In order to establish a new order of honest second-hand construction machinery industry, standardize the trade behavior of the industry, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of second-hand construction machinery industry. Sponsored by the China secondhand Industry Association, and co organized by Hefei Municipal Economic and Information Commission, paipai secondhand, and the secondhand branch of the China secondhand Industry Association, the "2018 China second hand Engineering Industry Development Summit Forum" organized by Baitong (Beijing) Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Weixiu Internet Technology Co., Ltd. is scheduled to be held in Hefei on August 28, 2018

the theme of this forum is "new trends, new changes, new circulation". The forum will invite manufacturers, agents, used car dealers, leasing companies, media and investment institutions in the construction machinery industry to gather together to exchange experience, discuss cooperation and discuss development. The forum will deeply tap the development potential of the second-hand construction machinery industry, jointly discuss the development trend of the industry, and save energy and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of China's second-hand construction machinery industry under the new industry development trends and changes

host list of course, many adult enthusiasts are also obsessed with Lego building blocks: China salvage industry association

co organizers: Hefei Economic and Information Commission, JD paipaipai second-hand, China salvage industry association second-hand forklift branch

organizers: ebautong (Beijing) Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Weixiu Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

supporting media: Sina, Sohu, Yi, Tencent, Huicong construction machinery, pavement machinery Tiejia, the first supply chain, then a more serious problem came, etc.

meeting time and place

check in time: August 27 9:: 00

meeting time: August 28 9:: 30

meeting place: Crowne Plaza Hefei (No. 598 Huangshan Road, Shushan District, Hefei)

meeting agenda

forum content on the morning of August 28 (09:00-12:00)

1. Introduction to the relevant industrial policies of the government on the circulation of second-hand goods.

2 Introduction to the remanufacturing cluster in Hefei

3. Exploration and construction of the second-hand forklift market service ecological chain

4. Brief discussion on Hitachi construction machinery's value chain strategy

5. The direction of China's second-hand supply

6. JD Pat's sharing of the layout of the second-hand construction machinery field and other industry operation experience

7. Thinking and positioning of ebautong's second-hand equipment business mode

8. Sharing of second-hand vehicle evaluation and pricing experience

9 Application of big data and artificial intelligence in the value evaluation of second-hand equipment

10. Business introduction of Hefei remanufacture trading center

content of the Forum on the afternoon of August 28 (14:: 30)

1. Second hand equipment Industry Summit dialogue - attitude towards e-commerce giants entering the industry

2. JD auction and industry enterprise signing ceremony

3 Second, the second-hand equipment industry summit dialogue: how to standardize the operation of second-hand equipment

reception dinner (18:30--20:30)

the meeting ended (August 29. The accommodation settlement procedures were handled in the morning, and the processing time was up to 12:00 noon on August 29)

conference registration

1. The registration deadline: August 25, 2018

2 is that the loading handle is a little loose and needs to be tightened; After the main load is discharged, the pointer jumps

II. Conference cost: 2000 yuan/person (including accommodation, catering, conference materials fees

, etc. for two nights on the 27th and 28th); If a single room is required, the conference fee is 2600 yuan/person; Without accommodation arrangement, the conference fee is

1500 yuan/person. The transportation expenses shall be borne by oneself

III. conference fee remittance account information:

account name: Shanghai Weixiu Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

account number:

deposit bank: Shanghai Gubei branch of China Minsheng Bank Co., Ltd.

tax number: B

address: Room C12, 30/F, No. 3, Lane 600, Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai


: Lu Jinsheng

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