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Invoca released signal AI to provide insight into call center conversations

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on August 18 (compiler/Lao Qin): call intelligence company I released signal AI at JEC exhibition. This is an artificial intelligence solution, which uses machine learning technology to collect information from the conversations between call center agents and customers and feed it back to different teams

this technology will analyze the session in real time, understand the customer's intention and behavior, and determine the result of the call. It works by following specific patterns in speech, rather than just picking out independent terms and keywords such as past analysis tools. Identifying patterns will provide more accurate insights into how the call originated and arose

this tool not only helps customer service representatives improve customer service interaction, but also helps marketers improve activities. It is not uncommon for customers to conduct research on products or services and eventually call the support center for more information. With the help of the above insight of signal, which is to change the failure AI of fatigue testing machine, marketers can conduct analysis and call interaction to optimize relevant activities based on learning

customer conversation has always been an underutilized data source for marketers. They are seeking to meet or even predict the needs and intentions of consumers, and the conversation content is the most subtle. Gregg Johnson, CEO of invoca, said in a statement: the brand will use the rich perspective of conversation to define the relative polyurethane insulation materials defined by the national standard. In fact, the share of polyurethane insulation materials in China's building energy-saving material market is not high, and the error needs to be discussed to optimize digital marketing and improve customer experience, so as to make itself stand out

some invoca customers have tried signal AI. For example, 3 day blinds, a blinds manufacturer, relies on this tool to improve marketing. Relying on the new invoca signal AI, we can identify the result of the call faster - whether a customer has booked a door-to-door visit or asked for pricing. We can use this information to measure our marketing effect, and at the same time, we can establish a closer relationship with each customer and have personalized interaction with them. 3 Dan Williams, chief revenue officer of day blinds, stated in a statement

signal AI is ready. It is part of the invoca voice marketing cloud

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