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Iodized salt products packaged with composite film are on the market

bagged salt will soon change its nearly 20-year-old face, take off its old clothes and put on new clothes. According to Zheng Yuanqi, director of the Provincial Salt Bureau, on the 15th, iodized salt products packaged with composite film will be fully listed in our province at the beginning of next month, and all old products packaged with single film will be withdrawn within the year

salt iodization is recognized as the most effective method to eliminate IDD in the world today. Although our province is located in the southeast coastal area, it is an iodine deficiency disease area. After the full implementation of salt iodization in 1995, the national inspection for the elimination of iodine deficiency disease decided to use different inspection and evaluation teams to conduct a comprehensive inspection and evaluation at the end of last year. Iodine deficiency disease has been basically eliminated, but there are still 14 counties and cities such as Nan'an, Tong'an, Dongshan, Pingtan, Fuqing that have not fully reached the standard

for a long time, polyethylene single film microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine has been used for bagged salt. It is installed with our company's mature universal testing machine technology, which is easy to be damaged and imitated. In addition, iodine has strong permeability, which makes some qualified products fall below the national standard after half a year of inventory volatilization. The new composite film packaging is composed of two or three layers of film, which can not only prevent the loss of iodine to the greatest extent, but also embed the anti-counterfeiting logo between the two layers of film through the automatic labeling machine. In order to meet the needs of the market and environmental protection, the outer packaging of salt products this time also adopts cartons instead of plastic woven bags

due to the increased cost of composite film and carton packaging, the price of iodized salt per 0.5 kg will be increased from 0.76 yuan to 1 yuan with the approval of the price department. In order to prevent retailers from taking the opportunity to raise prices, the salt administration department said in a low voice that it would strengthen the supervision of the salt market with the extruder being one of the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry in the near future

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