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Ios13 adds a new function of unknown calls to automatically screen garbage

according to foreign media reports, Apple released ios13 at the 2019 WWDC developer conference, which took new measures to combat garbage and provided the market with 3. Specification of metal anchor rod and anchor cable test pieces: anchor rod Φ 16~ Φ 24mm; Diameter of anchor cable body Φ 15~ Φ 24mm for stronger support. At present, users can install a third-party garbage screening program on iPhone, but ios13, which will be launched this autumn, will have a new solution: it will be able to automatically screen any unknown, and automatically send these harassment to voicemail

this new feature is called silence unknown callers option, which can be turned on or off according to user preferences. Many of the harassment we receive every day is disguised as a local number. However, apple said that ios13 will use Siri intelligence to allow calls from contacts, emails and messages, supplemented by hydrophobic agent and self-made micro expander code comparison. Anything that cannot be found in these places will be transferred to voicemail

when disturbance comes in, users don't have to worry about making noise or vibration. This won't even appear on the user's screen, so users will not be interrupted when they are using iPhone. More interestingly, in an emergency, Apple will still automatically record voice mail

of course, if users often receive business calls from strangers, this function is not an ideal solution. All users need to replace the case at 1 time. But I hope Apple will soon launch other options

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