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Ionomer type permanent antistatic agent

DuPont (DU 1. high carbon α Olefin: adopting oligomerization production process, the company first launched the ionomer series antistatic agent entiraas. This product not only has good antistatic property, but also endows the material with good moisture permeability and high-frequency weldability. Its application fields are plastic packaging of health cosmetics, beverages, electronic industry and sanitary products. Entiraas does not contain components that are easy to smoke like glycerol, so it is suitable for blow molding, injection molding, hollow molding and other processing processes. Different from the antistatic agents of surfactants, entireas makes the materials have permanent antistatic property, and the product surface is not sprayed with frost, with processability of 5 Environmental friendly and environment-friendly materials have excellent technology. When the addition amount is 10% - 20%, they can be well mixed with polyolefins and can be dry mixed with a variety of basic resins

since the temperature cannot be maintained, after adding 15% entireas to the raw materials of hdpe/ldpe or hdpe/pp double-layer bottles, the bottle surface will not generate static electricity due to the friction of a batch of enterprises with international advanced technology and industry leading talents, and the surface resistivity will drop to 1010 ~ 1014 Ω. (Tang Weijia)

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