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Inverton won the most influential enterprise in the field of motion control in 2018. Recently, China transmission, together with China motion control industry alliance, servo and motion control, and control and transmission magazine, jointly held the annual CMCD award selection in the intelligent manufacturing and motion control industry, aiming to commend outstanding enterprise brands and innovative technology products in China's intelligent manufacturing and motion control industry in 2018, And outstanding enterprise managers, helping the industry to flourish. With the unremitting efforts made in deep technological precipitation and excellent innovation results, inverton won the title of the most influential enterprise in the field of motion control of cmcd2018

since its establishment in 2002, inveterate has focused on industrial automation and energy and power. With the mission of "making every effort to provide value-added products and services and make customers more competitive", inveterate provides users with the most valuable products and solutions. Relying on power electronics, automatic control and information technology, the business covers industrial automation, new energy vehicles, network energy and rail transit. There are 12 research and development centers in China, with more than 850 patents. The laboratory has the act qualification of horizontal placement of hydraulic cylinders issued by the first TUV SUD in the domestic industrial control industry, and has passed the certification of UL witness laboratory and CNAs National Laboratory. Shenzhen Guangming science and Technology Industrial Park and Suzhou Industrial Park can provide customers with advanced integrated product development and design management. Generally speaking, the verification regulation of "tensile force, pressure and universal material testing machine" is more suitable for the verification theory of hydraulic universal material testing machine, comprehensive product research and development testing and automatic information-based production. Branches and joint insurance centers around the world provide users with professional logistics support of solutions, technical training and service support, which can more conveniently and quickly serve customers' wood modified materials and nanocomposites; Bamboo high-strength composite

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