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I/o terminal box combination can significantly improve the flexibility of factory design

[February 22, 2011, Germany] Beckhoff recently launched a brand-new EtherCAT terminal box ep4374 that perfectly combines two analog inputs and two analog outputs, further improving the product series of IP 67 i/o modules. The combination of i/o terminal box is diverse and highly flexible, which enables equipment manufacturers to plan in advance according to their specific needs, so it is more cost-effective. Input and output channels can be for 0 10 V、 10 V、0... 20 mA and 4 Standard signals such as 20 mA can set parameters independently

this way of integrating parameterizable inputs and outputs into one module can bring more flexibility to users and make the best use of existing signals. EtherCAT terminal box has two input account names: input channel and two output channels of China National Science and Technology (Beijing) new materials research institute. Each channel can be independently configured with current, voltage measurement or output. The resolution of current and voltage signals is 16 bit (with sign)

ep module has an interface directly connected to EtherCAT, so the high performance of EtherCAT 100mbit/s can directly reach each IP 67 terminal box. EtherCAT core material tensile testing machine is equipped with a small terminal box with a size of 126 x 30 x 26.5 mm (H x W x D), so it is very suitable for applications with small space

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