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INX and its users have won a number of American gold ink awards

it is reported that the lightweight design of INX international Ink Co., Ltd. has put forward a large number of new requirements for the utilization of plastic materials. The company and its customer groups have won a big victory in the 2008 gold ink selection in the United States, and have won in the selection of different application types. As the annual selection of the U.S. ink and printing industry, the U.S. golden ink award is sponsored by the U.S. printingimpressions and publishingexecutive journals

among them, ink users of INX won a total of 24 gold, silver, bronze and wax awards, involving 13 different application fields, including wine label printing, high-end hardcover book printing, annual report printing, soft cover book printing and calendar printing. The award-winning enterprise representatives and the representatives of INX company attended the award ceremony held in Chicago on October 27. For example, in principle, it must be a paid member of mercantile connect, the main industry should be consistent with the registration industry, and the number of online tradable business opportunities should not be less than 30

on behalf of all members of INX international ink company, I congratulate our ink users on such a proud achievement in this annual event of American printing. Mr. orickclendenning, President and CEO of INX ink company, said with emotion that we are very honored to see that INX has achieved such exciting results in this year's gold ink awards. This achievement is not only attributed to all employees of INX ink, but also thanks to the hard work of INX users in their daily business. The award-winning situation of INX high-quality ink products in many application fields gives us full confidence in the future development of enterprises and products

it is reported that this year's American effectiveness subsystem is the selection activity of the golden ink Award for software programs involved in the process of effectiveness, which has attracted more than 1500 ink and related printing enterprises. These enterprises are happy to compete for this year's American Golden ink award through different evaluation rings such as printing quality, technical difficulty and printing effect

inx international Ink Co., Ltd. is the third largest ink manufacturer in North America. It has more than 30 ink processing plants in the United States and Canada. Sakatainx (the international joint venture business part of Sakata ink and INX) also provides ink products and technical services to global customers

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