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INVISTA: pursuing excellence and continuous innovation

INVISTA, which owns major brands such as Lycra (Lycra), Coolmax, steinmaster, Cordura and Antron, is one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers. In the production field of nylon, spandex and polyester, NVIDIA has advanced technology, and its products are widely used in a wide variety of daily necessities such as clothing, carpets, auto parts and so on. At present, NVIDIA operates in more than 20 countries around the world with about 10000 employees, which enables us to have a global vision and escort the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise

in the future, NVIDIA will continue to increase investment in technology and innovation, develop and expand advanced technology transfer business, maintain the sustainability of development and use the MBM concept as the main strategy for the long-term development of the enterprise

increase investment in technological innovation

INVISTA, as a multinational company headquartered in the United States, has global innovation projects and science and technology investment plans. In fact, many of our future development plans are in China. We will continue to expand our chemical intermediates business in China. Recently, the projects we have carried out and plan to invest in China include an annual output of 215000 tons of hexamethylene diamine (HMD) plant and 300000 tons of adiponitrile (ADN) plant. The total investment of the project is expected to exceed US $1billion

these projects are not only important to NVIDIA, but also meaningful to the development of relevant industries in the region. We know that what restricts the development of nylon 66 in China and other Asian regions is that the local production of nylon 66 intermediates is not only due to the carcinogenicity of asbestos. For many years, China has long relied on imported nylon 66 intermediates. Therefore, many nylon manufacturers in China use available local intermediates to produce nylon 6 products in different application fields, replacing some nylon 66 products with better performance

with the completion of NVIDIA's new production facilities with world-class technology in China, we will be able to provide strong support to all Chinese enterprises that want to develop the application of nylon 66. Nylon 66 has a wide range of applications. For example, in the automotive industry, nylon 66 has the strength advantage under high temperature. In order to produce more energy-efficient cars, we expect that the current dynamic Chinese automobile manufacturing industry will replace some metal parts with nylon 66, which is lighter and can simplify the manufacturing process, so as to improve the utilization of energy and provide better products for consumers. China's growing GDP will also promote the growth of durable goods, and the use of nylon 66 will make these products more superior in quality

in addition, INVISTA has achieved its development commitments in the Asian market through various forms of investment, such as the new low-temperature Lycra fiber production line in the Singapore factory, the expansion of nylon 66 airbag production line in Shanghai, and the recently put into use INVISTA China Textile Application Research Center in Shanghai

develop technology transfer business

in addition to investing in self built production facilities, NVIDIA also uses its computer servo tensile (compressive) force testing machine to provide two groups of capacity test space patented technology to help relevant Chinese enterprises build the world's largest polyester and spandex intermediate manufacturing plant. Our advanced technology transfer (IPT) business department provides the world's advanced techno LEGO technology for stepless speed regulation customers from China and the world in the production of PTA, pet, BDO, PTMEG and adipic acid. NVIDIA's technology transfer can provide various solutions, including providing customers with supply and marketing services for upstream and downstream business strategic cooperation

NVIDIA hopes to continue to develop its technology transfer (IPT) business in the future. In addition, China's technical team is also discussing the possibility of developing local technology with some Chinese enterprises, and making use of the international platform of NVIDIA's advanced technology department, so that local new technologies can go out of China to the world

maintain sustainable development

another cornerstone of NVIDIA's long-term development is sustainability. What we call sustainability is reflected in the responsibility for the environment, employees, customers and community relations

our vision for sustainable development is to make more effective use of resources to create long-term value for society, protect the environment, protect the safety and health of our employees and other stakeholders, and constantly use advanced technology and market-based enterprise management concepts to contribute to improving the quality of life. To ensure the safety of employees and surrounding residents, and make effective use of resources to make life better is to create value, which is also the goal of NVIDIA

at present, INVISTA has the latest proprietary technology for manufacturing adiponitrile (ADN), which can improve the utilization rate of raw materials and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which coincides with China's current commitment to effectively utilize resources and treat the environment well. When the NVIDIA plant using this technology is completed, it will be the world's energy-efficient nylon intermediate production plant. We are glad to see that we have made great progress in China and can make due contributions to the local economy and green chemical industry

use MBM business philosophy

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch industries, one of the world's largest private enterprises, NVIDIA's development benefits from Koch's unique MBM Philosophy (market-based enterprise management). These ideas, combined with long-term development planning, strategic investment and continuous innovation, have laid a solid foundation for NVIDIA's future development

the core of MBM concept includes honesty and integrity, compliance, value creation, principled entrepreneurship, customer focus, good use of knowledge, courage to change, modesty, mutual respect and self realization. The company's development decisions will not be limited by short-term goals, but focus on long-term value and continuous innovation. Therefore, INVISTA dares to make difficult decisions, quickly adapt to market changes, and seize fleeting opportunities. In addition, Coriolis industries reinvests 90% of its income, which continuously injects impetus into the long-term development of the company

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