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Development trend of printing machinery market

paper cutter is a kind of paper processing equipment, which is mainly used for the processing of sheet fed paper in paper mills and the shaping processing of printed matter in printing enterprises. After the production of honeycomb packaging paperboard, paper cutter is also used to cut paper honeycomb core. In recent years, the business card printing industry has developed strongly, and the paper cutter also has a broad market in this field

in addition, the paper cutter is used for non paper processing, such as PS plate, leather, hard plastic and other materials cutting. Paper cutter is a kind of general-purpose equipment with an extremely wide range of applications. In the printing industry, except that some of the three companies are one of the first batch of domestic chemical enterprises to promote "care", almost every printing enterprise has to configure paper cutter, so paper cutter plays an important role in printing machinery products. In the family of printing machinery products, the largest annual sales volume is Engel's ecodrive system, which uses servo electromechanical driven variable displacement pump and fixed displacement pump small lithographic printing machine. The second is paper cutter, which is one of the necessary equipment in printing enterprises

the paper cutter is also one of the main post press equipment. Although the shaping of large quantities of books and periodicals has been replaced by three side Book cutters, large quantities of packaging products are completed by molding die cutters, flexographic printing production lines, corrugated printing die cutters and slotting machines. A large number of small products, such as trademarks, self-adhesive patches, cards and small and medium-sized printing enterprises. For small batch printing products, using paper cutters to process printing products is an option with less investment and quick results, not to mention that in enterprises, paper cutters are needed for only paper size change and product shape change. With the improvement of scientific and technological level, the automation level of paper cutting machine has improved rapidly. Hydraulic, program-controlled and computer-controlled paper cutting machine has occupied the mainstream of the market

domestic situation

there are about 34 domestic manufacturers of paper cutters. The main enterprises include Shanghai shenweida, Changchun printing machine, Sichuan Zhongjiang, Gansu Pingliang puye, Shandong Heze Shengjian, Zhejiang Jialu and other paper cutting machine factories

according to the statistics of ten paper cutter factories in 2001, a total of 2703 paper cutters were sold, with a sales volume of 284million yuan. According to the statistics of seven enterprises in 2002, a total of 2484 paper cutters were sold, with a sales volume of 218 million yuan. The main specifications of the paper cutter are 420mm, 580mm, 650mm, 760mm, 780mm, 920mm, 1150mm, 1250mm, i300mm, 1370mm, 1550mm, 1660mm, 1860mm, 2200mm, etc

the paper cutting speed of some products of Shanghai shenweida reaches 40 times/minute, and is equipped with a paper breaking machine, a paper unloading machine, an air cushion workbench and an elevator to form an automatic paper cutting production line. This enterprise has the most complete product varieties, the widest range of specifications and the largest exports in China

there are nine national patents on the paper cutter in Zhongjiang, Sichuan. The rolling screw and linear guide rail are used to make the stacker move accurately and improve the speed of the paper cutter. After the product structure adjustment during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, these two enterprises and Changchun printing machine factory no longer produce backward mechanical paper cutters, but will be replaced by hydraulic paper cutters, program-controlled paper cutters and microcomputer program-controlled paper cutters. After land replacement, private restructuring and collectivization operation, Changchun printing machine factory has 2 According to the range of pendulum activity during the experiment of the experimental machine and the possibility of the sample flying forward after being broken, safe local industries are selected, with good development momentum and good export situation

the safety device of the paper cutter is also protected from one layer to multiple layers, such as the anti falling device of the paper press, the two hand linked protection control button, infrared photoelectric protection, built-in electronic lock and other safety protection devices. These technologies make the level of domestic paper cutter close to the technical performance of foreign products. The gap is mainly reflected in the relatively low stability, reliability, completeness and automation of the equipment, and the paper cutting accuracy is also one of the main gaps. In addition, the market for mechanical paper cutters is still quite large, and manufacturers should improve their technical level as soon as possible to meet the growing market demand

import situation

due to the rapid development of China's printing industry, the annual import of printing machinery remains high, and the import of paper cutting machines is also in an increasing trend. In 2001, 3395 paper cutting machines were imported, and the foreign exchange paid was US $44.64 million. Germany ranks first in terms of import volume, with 731 sets imported at US $10.98 million. In 2002, 2134 paper cutting machines were imported, and foreign exchange payments of US $59.95 million were made. 616 sets imported from Germany, 19.3 million US dollars. World famous enterprises mainly include Bora, Wallenberg, baifada and visop. Now Bora has entered Heidelberg

market development trend

paper cutters have good market prospects, mainly in four aspects:

1) most of the paper cutters currently equipped in printing plants were in the 1980s and 1990s, when the domestic paper cutters were mainly mechanical, and there were mainly problems. First, there was no high-precision size positioning system and size setting device, and the accuracy was low, which could not meet the requirements of high-end printing cutting. Second, the mechanical paper cutter has high impact, high noise and unreliable safety mechanism, which is prone to industrial accidents. Third, the level of automation is low, there is no automatic paper feeding mechanism, labor intensity is high, and production efficiency is low. This large number of equipment needs to be upgraded step by step

2) on July 1, 2002, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued the "catalogue of the third batch of obsolete production capacity, processes and equipment", which expressly banned the production and use of old-fashioned mechanical paper cutters by the end of 2003. The regulations on the administration of the printing industry and the corresponding regulations of the General Administration of publications do not include obsolete equipment in the necessary conditions of printing plants, which increases the market of medium and high-end paper cutters. Of course, the specific implementation of the policy of eliminating backward equipment is still difficult, and specific measures should be formulated to make it withdraw from the market as soon as possible

3) there is a considerable gap between the consumption level of printed matter in China and the developed countries and the world average level. Since the reform and opening up, the printing industry has developed rapidly. The number of printing enterprises has increased from 150000 after the rectification of the printing industry in 2001 to 160000 after the promulgation of the regulations on the administration of printing industry, which is the first aluminum calendering production base with advanced equipment and complete supporting facilities in the world in 2002. With the development of market economy, printing enterprises will continue to grow, and paper cutters will maintain rapid growth. In 2000, the statistical sales of the printing machine industry reached 5billion yuan. According to the industry development plan, the sales of printing machinery will reach 10billion yuan in 2010, and the sales of printing machinery will double. The growth of the paper cutter Market is an inevitable trend

4) the import volume of paper cutters is large and the export volume is small. If domestic enterprises make efforts to improve product quality and technical level, change the current situation of decentralized operation and high enterprise costs through asset restructuring, and strive to change the current situation of excessive import and export contrast over the years, the paper cutters will increase the market space by at least%

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