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3C certification of plastic food packaging is about to be implemented, and the government is enthusiastic about enterprises. On May 10, the notice on the revision of the implementation rules of safety and environmental protection certification was hung on the station of the bid winning Certification Center. Among them, the "rules for the implementation of food packaging/container products - plastic products" ranks first. Its final revised version will be issued by the national certification and Accreditation Administration as the implementation rules of the national 3C certification (compulsory product certification management system) of this kind of products. As this will be the first 3C rule in China's food packaging industry, it has attracted the attention of many food packaging manufacturers, including plastic packaging, composite packaging and paper packaging. However, it is understood from all parties that the attitudes of all parties to the 3C certification of plastic food packaging are different

bid winning Center: certification is very necessary

the bid winning Certification Center is one of the main makers of the detailed rules. Zhao Xia, director of the environmental protection department of the center, believes that food safety has become a key issue affecting national living standards. Food packaging, but not all experimental machines are suitable, and the health and safety of flexible packaging materials has also been highly valued by the government. According to the results of the quality supervision and spot check of food plastic packaging bags (films) in 2004, the product quality is not optimistic, especially the plastic bags with the largest consumption, disposable plastic tableware, paper plastic water cups, etc. the qualified rate is very low, and the qualified rate in some places is less than 60%. The problem mainly focuses on the hygienic performance of food packaging containers. The important reason for the large-scale disqualification of these products is that the market access threshold of these products is too low, and there are a large number of illegal small enterprises in the industry

3C certification is exactly a product market access standard. Compared with the national product standard familiar to enterprises, 3C certification pays more attention to the safety and environmental protection of products in use. The implementation of 3C certification has an excellent filtering effect on China's food packaging industry, especially the plastic food packaging industry with low threshold. It can be said that the implementation of 3C certification in the food packaging industry is of great significance to maintain the health of consumers and improve the hygienic quality of food packaging products. This compulsory certification is very necessary`

` in the process of formulating the detailed rules, we have learned from some of the hygienic standards for food packaging containers formulated by the former Ministry of health from 1988 to 1998, and further revised and improved the detection methods and standards on its basis, emphasizing that the products are safe and harmless to consumers and have no residue and toxic impact on the environment. For example, it is better than carbon fiber and resistance wire in terms of heating uniformity and heating effect. For plastic food packaging, it is necessary to strictly detect and control its additive content and solvent residue by material` Zhao Xia said, "it is certain that the final implementation rules of 3C certification focus on the safety and hygiene testing of food packaging materials on the human body."`

inspection center: ` trial accreditation 'is not going well

usually, before the introduction of 3C certification rules for a product, the national certification and Accreditation Administration Commission entrusts some certification institutions to carry out voluntary certification in the production enterprises of the product, and constantly revise and improve the voluntary certification standards, so as to lay the foundation for the formal introduction of 3C standards. However, like the previous certification, the progress of this' trial 'is not smooth

the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center is the testing organization designated by the bid winning Certification Center. Guolimin, the head of the inspection department of the center, said reluctantly, "in fact, China's food bag container safety certification has been more than a year, but because it is voluntary certification, enterprises do not take it seriously at all. So far, from these cases, it can be seen that only a dozen plastic food packaging enterprises have applied for certification. As for the disposable plastic tableware enterprise with the largest output, only one enterprise has passed the certification, which is still a Taiwan funded enterprise`

Guo Limin is very worried about the indifferent attitude of domestic enterprises` Most enterprises are waiting and waiting for the compulsory policy of 3C certification to be issued. Many enterprises are taking chances to see whether they will not let their products go on the market if they fail to pass 3C certification. They think it is not too late to recertify at that time` Guo Limin said, "in the past, other products were the same. Enterprises must wait until they really can't be listed before flocking to certification.". However, if enterprises get together to review and apply, our testing cycle will be prolonged and the listing of enterprise products will be delayed, which is actually very detrimental to enterprises`

enterprise: the available materials are far from meeting the needs of 3D printing. It's useless to see it again.

and the enterprise has another view on this. The boss of a plastic fresh-keeping film enterprise with some scale in Hebei said: ` we all know that 3C certification is coming soon. But can products without 3C logo on the market really not be listed? Can the interests of those enterprises that have passed the 3C certification be guaranteed at that time`

the boss of an enterprise specializing in the production of disposable plastic tableware in Shandong also said, "in the early years, the state issued more than a dozen documents in the treatment of white pollution, and there are many national health standards and quality standards, which are mandatory. If they fail, they cannot be listed.". However, we passed these standard certifications, but found that the business of those small workshops was still booming, and no one cared at all. Unlike other products, lunch boxes and plastic bags are disposable. Their cost is very low, and we can't compete with them at all. This time, it is said that 3C certification will be implemented. Who knows if anyone will manage it in the end? I'm going to have a look`

of course, there are other optimistic and positive opinions in the enterprise. Beijing Tonghao plastic products Co., Ltd. is the only plastic tableware enterprise that has passed the voluntary certification at present. The boss of the company believes that it is better to voluntarily certify in advance than to wait for compulsory certification. Once enforced, they will be able to pass the certification faster than other enterprises, and will take the lead in the market

the manager of a composite food packaging product enterprise that is applying for certification said, "we feel that since certification will be compulsory at that time, we might as well take an early step.". This may make dealers and consumers more confident in our products and may be more profitable in the market`

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