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Development trends and trends of rubber machinery (II)

at present, the "three giants" of automobile tires have occupied 54% of the world tire market, and they also occupy 50% of China's tire market. The existing sole proprietorship and joint venture enterprises have accounted for 30%, and the remaining 20% are competed by more than 500 tire enterprises in China. At present, 40% of the production capacity is surplus, and the number of tire factories is still increasing. More than 300 new factories have emerged in Shandong alone. Both shangjiatong in Anhui and Fujian are rapidly expanding production. In the market economy, no one can be more powerless to suppress the reservoir and limit production. Only survival competition and the survival of the fittest are natural laws. The question is: should China's tire market be occupied? Why occupy? Rely on brand and new products. The core of both is quality assurance. However, in the final analysis, we have to rely on machine products

reference and transplantation of power car tire machinery

talking about power car tires, including bicycle tires and motorcycle tires, closely following the progress of automobile tires in recent years, the pointer of its dynamometer vibrates or jumps quickly. Especially for the latter, the production and sales volume ranks first in the world. For further development, the awareness of high-quality products and brand benefits have become an urgent need for the industry. Why can Anhui Jiatong put forward "striving for the first brand in China"? They have always focused on matching and constantly transforming weak links. For example, they have successfully developed a fully automatic tread conveying, cooling, length fixing and cutting production line in cooperation with Wuxi No.1 rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. with photoelectric length fixing, frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control, the tread length of bicycles and motorcycles can be controlled within ± 1mm error. The technical level of the production line is the same as that imported from Japan, and the price is only 1/5, It can feed a molding machine, especially make the tread joint flat, so the radial runout and uniformity of the finished tire are the best. Now Jiatong company uses it in tubeless molding processing

bicycle tires and power cycle tires, especially motorcycle tires, should keep up with automobile tires, and constantly innovate design, process and equipment. Since automobile tires have launched green tires, ultra light tires, ultra-high mileage tires, safety tires, smart tires and so on, under the inspiration and guidance of so many new tires, especially various functional tires, bicycle tires should also do what they should do, but also should be innovated. In this regard, Guangzhou Rubber No.1 Factory, the pacesetter in China's power car tire industry, has closely followed the tubeless tires of cars and launched tubeless motorcycle tires in Banfeng, which is worthy of imitation by the whole industry

at present, the potential danger of bicycle tires and bicycle tires lies not only in the market being occupied, but also in the replacement of products with 500million bicycles. All kinds of elastic systems are generally equipped with frameless cast solid tires with elastic modulus. There is microporous sponge inside, which has good elasticity and is not afraid of pricking. Its service life can be increased by 3 times than that of pneumatic tires. It has been put into production and listed in Shanghai. Qingdao Institute of chemical technology has successfully developed polyurethane reaction injection process and reaction injection machine, and Qilu Petrochemical Company has also tested and put into production its 300 ton annual output of hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene liquid rubber. Injection bicycle tires have cheap raw materials, processes and equipment sources. It can be seen that there will be a production line soon after the trial production. In order to meet the equipment demand of this kind of products, the casting tire production line will be increasingly improved in domestic large-scale shovel transportation and hoisting machinery. Once the conventional power tyre is replaced, the existing power tyre machinery will inevitably fall into crisis. For this reason, foreign countries have successfully developed a cold mixing and extrusion system, which can mix, process and extrude the rubber at ℃ by pressure rather than temperature, let alone viscous shear flow, with special screws and washboards. Thus, the hardness of the compound can be increased by another 4 times, and the solid tire can be made without the reinforcement of the skeleton

in the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has risen to the front row of the economy. Without innovation, you can't live. It has become a rule. How can many of our tire factories, bicycle tire factories, especially small and medium-sized rubber factories, continue to live without talents and wireless? It can be seen that relying on one's own strength, there is little hope, and one must organize. If there is no change in ideology, one must unite, Rely on "industry university research" collaboration to tackle key problems. At present, for the innovation of tire varieties, there are only more than 2000 domestic ones, and the product convergence rate is very high, while Michelin has more than 3500 people. Jiatong will also expand to more than 300 next year (now 150) , 50 and 40 series have filled the gap in China, and the speed level has reached 240km/n. No wonder, established in 1996, it has now jumped to the second place in the industry. Most tire factories have weak technology, less scientific and technological investment, high production costs and poor development capacity. According to the survey of the tyre branch of China Rubber Industry Association, the maximum fuel and power consumption of motorcycle tyres is 6.93 yuan/piece, and the minimum is 0.68 yuan/piece, a difference of 10 times. Ruoxin tire factory adopts electronic traps to transform the steam pipe system, which can automatically block air and drain water, realizing zero steam leakage and saving steam by 10%. Taking the dual-mode vulcanizer with a steam consumption of 3.6t/h as an example, 10% of steam can be saved, which is 2851 tons (equivalent to 220000) a year. The recovery of condensate is equivalent to 4745 tons of steam with heat energy, which can save 330000 yuan, and 90000 yuan of softened water (calculated by 3 yuan/ton). It can be seen that energy saving and consumption reduction can be transplanted from automobile tire production without superb development ability. Our cooperation is being organized and promoted. It can be seen that in order to develop the advanced production line of automobile tires, the successful experience of automobile tires must be used for reference, and we should do a good job in three close cooperation, like Wuxi No.1 rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., namely, machinery and process cooperation, manufacturing and use cooperation, and technology and market cooperation

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