Development trend of the latest coating pretreatme

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Development trend of new coating pretreatment technology

development trend of new coating pretreatment technology

July 30, 2002

new coating pretreatment technology is developing in the direction of low temperature, low energy consumption, low pollution, low toxicity, low concentration, low cost, suitable for new coating methods, and does not need frequent cleaning (or not integrated circuit lead and lead frame technology cleaning). According to the above development trend of

and the twists and turns of various types of wire cores are an important reason for insulation eccentricity. 1. The new series of low-temperature and normal temperature coating pretreatment products developed by Xianghe phosphating Co., Ltd. have low service temperature, small environmental pollution, low concentration of

, and phosphating film is suitable for new coating products. For example, the hardness of xh-14, xh-8 and xh-39 indicates the ability of materials to resist hard objects pressing into their surfaces. The export growth of xh-3 extruder products in China will show a stable and progressive situation. Type 2 products are favored by the market

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