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Development trend of heat shrinkable packaging machine

development trend of heat shrinkable packaging machine

shrink packaging of heat shrinkable packaging machine is one of the more advanced packaging methods in the market at present. Through the investigation of nearly 20 well-known enterprises in beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, beer and other major industries, it is found that the biggest reason for the affirmation of heat shrinkable packaging technology is that the market capacity of plastic extruder will be further expanded: it can reduce costs, promote sales, and increase shelf display effects. Next, from the advantages of heat shrinkable packaging machines, we will talk about the reasons why various industries choose shrinkable packaging machines

beer enterprises: color film heat shrinkable packaging improves product quality and promotes sales. Most gift box products are made of plastic materials, and the optimal selection uses the form of heat shrinkable packaging. There are two main reasons for its use:

1 Diversify the packaging forms, which is conducive to sales promotion

2. Heat shrinkable packaging has the flexibility to adapt to different specifications, especially the bundled packaging of small-sized products. Small size bundled beer packaging has better flexibility and is more portable, so it is increasingly favored by consumers. With the increasing market demand for small-size bundled beer packaging, the bottle mouth shrink packaging machine will have more room for development

pharmaceutical enterprises: thermal shrinkage can save nearly ten million yuan by replacing cartons. Some pharmaceutical packaging said that because the requirements for external packaging in the pharmaceutical industry are relatively low, enterprises using heat shrinkable packaging after film forming mostly hope to reduce the total cost by reducing the cost of packaging materials. For example, an enterprise originally had six PE heat shrinkable packaging machines with a packaging speed of 10/min. the enterprise hopes that the heat shrinkable packaging equipment will be faster, reaching the level of 50/min, so as to achieve rapid production, improve efficiency, reduce the number of equipment used, reduce the area of plant occupied by the equipment, and finally achieve the purpose of reducing costs

at present, the products of heat shrinkable machines on the market are the most abundant, and the best quality is the heat sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging machine produced by Zhengzhou qunhoe mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. With POF, PP and PVC shrink films as materials, this series of shrink wrapping machines integrates sealing and shrinking. Only one person can complete the sealing and shrinking operation with multiple transient overvoltage protection measures, and reduce the power consumption. They are widely used in the outer packaging of beverages, gifts, hardware, cosmetics, toys, plastics, bamboo and wood products

Product Description:

product introduction:

bs-a400 adopts far-infrared direct heating. The working principle of the heat shrinkable packaging machine is relatively simple. Heat is generated through the quartz heating pipe inside the furnace chamber. With the cooperation of the internal fan, the heating furnace chamber is filled with hot air with uniform temperature. The temperature in the furnace chamber is controlled by the temperature control instrument and maintained at a constant temperature. The articles are sent into the furnace chamber through the chain conveyor belt. Under the high state, the heat shrinkable film can shrink and cling to the surface of the articles. The machine adopts the best electronic stepless speed change function at present, which ensures the stable and reliable operation of the machine. It is widely used in food, beverage, gold tools, daily necessities, souvenirs, drugs, cosmetics, stationery, electrical appliances, five supermarkets and other industries

technical parameters:

model bs-a400

power supply voltage 220V Hz

power 7.5kw

transmission speed 1- 10m/min

shrinkage furnace size 800*400*200mm

conveying load 5kg

overall size 1210*600*800mm

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