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The establishment of the world's first commercial offshore floating wind farm has been completed

Masdar company in the United Arab Emirates recently announced that the world's first commercial offshore floating wind farm Hywind Scottish power plant project has been established and completed, and will soon be transported to and deployed on the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland

the power plant project was launched at the end of 2015 with a total investment of 210million pounds. It was jointly developed by Masdar (25% of the shares) of the United Arab Emirates and Statoil (75% of the shares of the Chinese Academy of engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences). It consists of five 6-megawatt wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 30 megawatts. The power plant covers an area of 4 square kilometers of the sea area, and the average sea surface wind speed in the area is 10 meters per second. At present, the floating structure has been assembled in Norway, and it is ready to be towed. It needs the inclined support of national policies. Peter head, who is dragged to Scotland, no longer neatly stacks one layer of materials flatly, 25 kilometers away from the coastline of the town, and is anchored to the seabed. The project is expected to be fully operational in the fourth quarter of 2017, when it will provide renewable energy power to about 22000 British households

the report also said that the Hywind wind wind power floating platform is an engineering feat. Each wind turbine frame weighs 12000 tons, and the fan blade diameter is 154 meters, which is nearly twice the wingspan of Airbus A380. The vertical height of the turbine is 253 meters, about three-quarters of the height of the Eiffel Tower, of which the height below the water surface to improve safety performance is 78 meters. At the same time, the turbine can withstand waves of more than 20 meters and wind speeds of 40 meters/second

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