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Development trend of self-adhesive label printing

1 Flexo printing is the ideal way of label printing in the future

almost 80% of flexo printing machines in foreign developed countries are used to print self-adhesive labels. Because the unit flexographic press can be combined arbitrarily, it can print various types of labels, including short version and special labels, when the spare parts are complete. Therefore, flexographic printing is an ideal way for label printing in the future, otherwise it will have adverse effects on instrument optical components and metal coating

flexo printing is developing rapidly, and there is a trend to replace UV embossing.

label printing requires bright colors. Because the color of UV flexo printing ink can be close to UV embossing ink, and the structure of flexo printing machine is simpler than embossing machine, foreign printing enterprises have adopted UV flexo printing instead of UV embossing to reduce costs

3. Combined printing will have a rapid development

combined printing machine can combine a variety of different printing methods on one printing machine to meet the requirements of different customers. This is also the most advanced label processing equipment we have seen in foreign exhibitions. We often encounter the situation that a label can only be printed and processed on multiple machines when we produce it conveniently in local exhibitions. If we use combined printing machines, we can not only improve the production efficiency and meet the processing requirements of some special labels, but also avoid the waste of human and material resources

4. New materials and processes will be widely used

materials, processes and equipment are the three automatic return functions of label printing; Big elements. Using new materials and new processes, various new labels can be processed on the combined printing machine. The multi-layer labels used in the pharmaceutical industry, the double-sided labels, film labels and electronic labels that need further research for the cosmetics industry, the in mold labels, smart labels and anti-counterfeiting labels pasted on the machine oil barrels, etc. these labels are produced and manufactured with new materials and new processes

self adhesive label printing is a rapidly developing field in the printing industry. Because the label printing machine is a linkage machine, raw materials enter from the paper feeding department, and finished labels are already processed from the paper receiving end. Therefore, it has high economic benefits and does not need to use other equipment for processing. With the prosperity of the market and the improvement of commodity packaging and decoration, the self-adhesive label industry is in a rising period of development. There is no doubt that the self-adhesive label printing in China will have a great development in recent years

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