Another hottest enterprise announced to support CC

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Another enterprise announced to support CC

on November 21, a message came from Tokyo, Japan. Ruisa Electronics Co., Ltd., a compatible partner of CC link association and the world's leading semiconductor solution provider, announced to launch an industrial Ethernet communication ic-r-in32m4-cl3 supporting CC link ie TSN. This latest industrial networking product can accelerate the development of CC link ie TSN compatible products

cc link ie TSN has received attention and support from many parties since its launch at the end of 2018. Many cooperative enterprises have expressed their willingness to develop compatible products and plan to provide CC link ie TSN development support tools. This year, Mitsubishi Electric, a member company of CC link association, has launched a number of products and tools corresponding to CC link ie TSN, while Renesas electronics is another member company that announced the launch of corresponding products supporting ie TSN after Mitsubishi Electric

the latest r-in32m4-cl3 adopts Renesas r-in engine, Gigabit Ethernet PHY and 1.3mb on-chip RAM, which supports high-speed and high-capacity communication without real-time OS software or external components, thus reducing the complexity and burden of development; The r-in engine is based on arm cortex-m4 kernel and has floating-point arithmetic unit (FPU), real-time OS accelerator and Ethernet communication accelerator. Realize real-time OS processing in hardware stripping fixture to reduce CPU burden and speed up processing speed; R-in32m4-cl3 supports the existing CC link ie field network protocol. Customers only need to change the software, they can use the new IC in the existing network products to expand their next-generation network functions

in addition to the driver software, Renesas will also provide the tcp/ip protocol software, CC link ie TSN protocol software and CC link ie field protocol software necessary to develop and increase the steel frame structure and turn the vertical experiment into a horizontal experiment

at present, the integration of manufacturing and it information has become an industrial consensus. Intelligent manufacturing based on big data, industrial interconnection, interconnection of all things and intelligence is in the exploratory and practical stage. More convenient, efficient, high-speed, flexible and accurate industrial control products and industrial networks have become the booster of transformation and upgrading

the r-in32m4-cl3 of CC link ie TSN is introduced, which can realize the time synchronization accuracy between devices less than one millionth of a second. It brings TSN support for AC servo, actuator, visual sensor and other applications that need high-speed response control, as well as remote i/o that is widely used in communication to immediately carry out cooling finalization. Therefore, users can realize ultra-high speed and high-precision motion control

in addition, TSN supports seamless connection and interoperability between information technology (it) network and operation technology (OT) network, allowing real-time change of product model or output, while providing flexible support for manufacturing different quantities of various product types, improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the factory

Junxiu Hirai, vice president of industrial automation business department of Renesas electronic IOT and infrastructure business unit, said: the high-speed network for motion control is essential to support efficient and flexible production and improve production efficiency. We are honored to bring the first batch of leading communication ICs supporting CC link ie TSN, and help our customers deploy IOT applications in their factories at present and in the future

As a key supplier in the field of component technology, Renesas has been an active participant in CLPA since the standard adoption stage, said Zhensheng Chuan, director of CC link association. I am very glad that Renesas has become one of the first integrated circuit suppliers to support CC link ie TSN based on its advantageous technology of industrial Ethernet. I believe this will further accelerate the development of CC link ie TSN compatible applications and improve the adoption rate of IOT technology in smart factories

it is reported that Renesas Electronics will launch the mass production order of r-in32m4-cl3 in February 2020

during SPS 2019, which will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, on November 26, and iifes 2019, which will be held in Tokyo, Japan, on November 27, this product will display r-in32m4-cl3 at the booth of CC link partner Association (CLPA), and the partners participating on site can take the lead in seeing its true face

in order to further increase the compatible products of CC link ie TSN and provide the most advanced factory network solutions for manufacturing users, the master and slave stations of CC link ie TSN, in addition to the hardware development methods such as chips and boards, also have the software development methods of SDK. In addition, the association provides various support including technology, cost, publicity and so on for domestic development enterprises. It is hoped that more and more enterprises are joining the CC link ie TSN development team. If you need to consult the development matters, please contact c small C. For a more detailed introduction of Renesas r-in32m4-cl3 products, please click on the domestic experimental machine, which is cheap

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