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Another successful case of single concave machine

printing proofing is a means to confirm the plate making quality and printing effect. The purpose of concave proofing of packaging and printing sheet is also to provide users with satisfactory packaging and printing samples to win orders. There are two ways for packaging and printing manufacturers to receive orders. One is to carry out the R & D and design of packaging cartons by the plate making manufacturers themselves according to the requirements of users (generally tobacco and alcohol manufacturers), and determine after printing and proofing; The other is to determine after receiving the formed manuscript provided by the user for printing and proofing. At present, the latter is in the majority in China. When the packaging box is approved by the tobacco and alcohol manufacturers after proofing and molding, both parties sign the bill, and the packaging and printing factory officially starts printing

this operation mode has no problem for offset printing manufacturers, but there is a serious problem for gravure printing plants: if it needs to print and proofing for many times to finalize the manuscript, the printing plants must bear the expensive gravure plate making costs and face the long production cycle

if you want to save the trouble of printing and proofing for many times and directly make a large version and put it on the machine for official printing, it will inevitably increase the difficulty of plate making, which requires repeated adjustments, but it still cannot guarantee the success of one-time production. The adjustment after using the machine will also increase the cost of paper, ink, etc. All this will undoubtedly still make the printing factory bear a very large signing risk

therefore, it is a very practical problem for packaging and printing enterprises to complete printing proofing with high efficiency and low cost, and confirm the plate making quality and printing effect as soon as possible. After the introduction of zhenhenri single concave machine, Beijing limatun Pacific Packaging Co., Ltd. gave full play to the flexibility of the single concave machine, combined with the ingenious design of the printing plate pattern, and solved the above problems. A six color gravure printing sample sheet was made on the laser aluminized paper with a plate cylinder, opening up a Xintiandi of single concave proofing

Beijing limatun Pacific Packaging Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Singapore limatun Pacific Packaging Co., Ltd. owned by Amcor, Australia. It was registered in May 1995 with a total investment of US $13million. It was fully registered and put into operation in mid-1996. As a subsidiary of a multinational group with extensive influence in the cigarette packet printing market, Beijing limatun company has always been in a leading position in the cigarette packet printing industry in the application of high-tech, equipment and quality control and detection systems. Beijing limatun company has two Swiss boster testing instruments, not only the one-time forming paper gravure production line of the 6-color ribbon connection die-cutting unit that only depends on the purchase price of the single machine, but also the production equipment such as ShangBang 6-color soft bag gravure machine, zhenhenri's latest single gravure machine, Youheng hot stamping machine and so on. In addition, the company also has novaflow ink automatic color matching system to ensure the consistent quality and saturation of ink, as well as advanced paper gravure product quality testing equipment - slip tester, friction tester, folding tester, multi light box and electronic ruler, so that all technical indicators of cigarette package products are digitized to ensure product quality. The annual production capacity of the company is 8000 tons of white cardboard, equivalent to the printing volume of 400000 cases of hard box cigarette packaging

over the years, cigarette packs of flip Zhongnanhai, Beijing, Jinjian and other brand products printed by Beijing limatun company for Beijing tobacco company have become unique among domestic peers

this year, the state tobacco monopoly administration announced the reform of the tobacco industry system by shutting down small tobacco factories and establishing three large groups with considerable scale and competitiveness, which accelerated enterprise competition. Beijing limatun company, with its ability to quickly adapt to market changes, adjusted the product structure with a strategic vision, changed the previous business model of focusing on the production of crimped long-term products, opened up a new sheet fed printing process, and introduced a number of sheet fed printing equipment, including zhenhenry single concave machine

at the beginning of the introduction of zhenhenri single concave machine, with the use of a plate cylinder, through ingenious plate making, the single concave machine can be used to economically and quickly print gravure, and the cooperative development of lightweight carbon fiber composite parts for the automotive industry has opened up a new way of gravure proofing and preprint

this year, Beijing limatun company undertook several short manually operated movable parts with many colors and difficult process. If the sample is proofed with a crimping machine, it will cost 50000 to 60000 yuan. The risk of proofing itself is that the early investment is quite large. If the order is not received, all the early investment will be scrapped. After the introduction of zhenhenri's latest monochrome single concave machine with non-stop paper delivery, high-point tooth closure of the impression cylinder and fine-tuning device of the plate cylinder, Beijing limatun company has completed two product proofing and a 2000 large box of products with high registration accuracy requirements in less than two months, which fully demonstrates the flexible and fast characteristics of the single concave machine

the key of preprint proofing for one plate multicolor gravure printing lies in the design of printing plate and the ingenious cooperation with the characteristics and functions of the machine. According to the specifications of the original, multicolor graphics and texts should be made on a gravure cylinder. The layout design mainly considers how to arrange and overprint the multicolor graphics and texts. According to the flexible characteristics of the printing plate of the single concave machine, the printing plate can be rotated by a certain angle along the circumferential direction to adjust the image and text position on the surface of the plate cylinder; You can also change the layout from left to right along the axis, adjust the rules with Overprint marks, and complete multi-color single concave proofing after several times of printing according to the designed color sequence

the printing plate size of the single concave machine is large, and more graphic units can be arranged. Take a set of cigarette labels as an example (outer box and inner box), which can be completed and delivered in one shift, and its cost only accounts for about one fifth of the cost of online plate making. If you take the four-color printing of online large and small boxes as an example, you need 8 plate rollers (depending on the number of colors), and with a single concave machine for proofing, oneortwo plate rollers can be solved. The paper is more economical, only about 200 sheets are needed, and the color sequence is not limited. If two machines cooperate, it will be faster

application example

when proofing, the color sequence is arranged based on the first two printing samples, and the image and text position is determined by the rotation of the plate cylinder, that is, the starting line of the gravure is changed based on the regular line, the space between the two color images and texts is 135 mm, and the color is overprinted according to the color sequence. After printing one color (one image and text), the next color (next image and text) can be printed without unloading the plate. Finally, the first two small samples are retained, and the last four small samples are cut off as waste paper

it took only 3 days to complete this difficult proofing, and the paper consumption was less than 200. With the depreciation of ink, labor and equipment, but a few thousand yuan, the cost of gravure proofing decreased significantly

Beijing limatun company creatively realized the new pre printing and proofing process of one plate multicolor intaglio printing with Zhen Henri single concave machine, which can greatly reduce the plate making cost of packaging and printing enterprises, and ensure that the proofing quality and effect are the same as that of formal printing, providing an economic and feasible means for the operation mode of proofing first and then receiving orders prevailing in the market at present

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