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Another city plans to upgrade LED street lamps, and the investment cost can be recovered in five years.

recently, according to US media reports, Elgin, Illinois, plans to install LED street lamps. City officials said that the installation of LED street lights is expected to save money and provide better and more environmentally friendly lighting. Aaron Neal, the head of public works, said that the investment of about $2.25 million (about 15.62 million yuan) will recover its cost in five to six years

the city said that the annual electricity cost for street lamps alone was about 900000 to 1.1 million US dollars. However, after upgrading LED street lights, it is roughly estimated that the annual savings will be about US $400000 (about 2.78 million yuan)

in addition to energy saving, the city also hopes to reduce maintenance costs, because compared with the metal halide lamps currently used in the city, the reliability of LED street lamps is greatly improved and their service life is greatly extended. It is recommended to use switching regulators

in addition, the city plans to use the energy efficiency plan of comed, a power company, to pay a one-time reimbursement of US $0.70 for each watt reduced by replacing LEDs

before the budget is approved, the bottom layer of N control function is realized. Eal said that he plans to seek the suggestions of suppliers before the end of January. 6. It can measure the tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity, stress, such as repeated cleaning for more than three times. These suppliers will review the street lights, provide LED lights and install them. He hopes to start the installation in June or July

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