Anqing will become one of the largest papermaking

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Anqing will become one of the largest paper making bases in China. Wang Wenlin revealed that he would invest US $1.8 billion in Anqing to build anqing into one of the largest paper making bases in China

American International Paper Group is the world's largest paper and forest products company, ranking 234Th among the world's top 500 enterprises. After entering Anhui, International Paper Group will become the 37th top 500 enterprise to invest in Anhui. Wang Wenlin said that through advanced genetic engineering technology, the growth of pine trees in Anqing can be more than doubled. Therefore, the international paper industry has raised the original target of annual output of 300000 tons of pulp in Anqing to annual output of 800000 tons of pulp and 1million tons of paper. The total investment is estimated to provide support for trading related services including warehousing, processing, finance and freight transportation, at more than 1.8 billion US dollars

according to relevant information, the planned area of the afforestation base of Anqing forestry paper integration project is 2.4 million mu, covering 8 counties and 3 districts of Anqing City, most of which are located in the Dabie Mountains. According to preliminary estimates, such a large-scale afforestation base will bring more than 1billion yuan of labor income to the beneficiary population

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