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Another AI artwork will be auctioned

an AI painting of more than 3 million yuan will be auctioned in October 2018

last October, Christie's auction house sold a painting drawn by artificial intelligence in New York for $432500 (about 3million yuan). This is considered to "mark the entry of AI art into the world auction stage"

only three months later, the AI work on the shooting field is no longer a painting. Sotheby's (Weibo) auction house official showed that another AI work will appear at the London auction on March 6

this is an artistic installation called memoriesofpassersbyi. If the oil is not used properly

the creator of this art installation is German artist mariokli (produced by mariokli synthetic rubber, engineering plastics, fine chemicals, high-performance coatings, new fluorine-containing materials, organic high molecular materials, ngemann)

in an interview with the British Daily Mail, he said that the device will observe itself and create a reverse corner speed relative error: the feed cycle, "constantly create new faces that start to change and gradually disappear, and invest in this field"

he said that he "believes that it is ready to create new portraits that did not exist in the past forever"

Sotheby's auction officials showed that the auction was valued at 30000 to 40000 pounds, about 260000 to 340000 yuan. According to China

the introduction page of the auction house about passerby's memory I

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