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Under the high temperature of 55 ℃, watch 58 Shandong temporary machinery desert show their skills

55 ℃ high temperature, watch 58 Shandong Lingong machinery desert show their skills

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Saudi Arabia has a land area of 2.25 million square kilometers, and the desert accounts for more than half of the national area, which is purely tropical desert climate; Saudi Arabia highway transportation is the main mode of transportation. As most of the roads are flowing deserts, sand damage is the main disease of the highway. Cleaning up the soft sand on the pavement and preventing wind and fixing sand are the main tasks of desert highway maintenance. In Saudi Arabia, desert highway maintenance is mainly to clean the sand on both sides of the road, keep the sand away from the highway, and level and compact the sand

Shandong Lingong 30 loaders and 28 graders undertake the maintenance of these roads. It is a model specially developed by Shandong Lingong for customers with desert air filter, high temperature module, silencer external module and other modules for the high temperature and high dust environment of 55 ℃. These machines belong to a Saudi company mainly engaged in road maintenance in Saudi Arabia. The grader is responsible for pushing the sand and soil entering the road to low-lying places and completing the ground leveling; The loader is responsible for transferring the accumulated sand or loading it away

housai, general manager of the company, said 2.0: "We tried to replace the old Carter and Komatsu machinery with Chinese brand products. At that time, we felt a little risky. Now more than a year has passed, we think we have made the right choice; most of the 58 temporary products will work more than 2000 hours, and there is no case that the construction period is affected by product problems. The excellent after-sales service of the temporary team also ensures that the products have been in good work Status. "

Mohamed, the director of road maintenance, said, "there are 12 temporary equipment in our province, most of which work for more than 2000 hours in a year. There has been no damage to parts that affect road maintenance. Shandong temporary products are reliable, and indeed deserve their reputation." "Compared with other Chinese brand graders, the graders of Shandong Lingong have strong power, low failure rate and comfortable operation." Ramon, the motor grader driver, said with admiration. In Dammam, the Pakistani loader driver said, "the temporary products can work well in the environment with temperature exceeding 50 ℃ and the effect of tightening force or impact force. They have withstood the test of harsh environment. The refrigeration effect of air conditioning is good, and the product quality is trustworthy. I like Chinese products."

the outstanding performance of temporary machinery in highway maintenance is like a flag of Shandong temporary machinery. The scene of 58 temporary machinery working on the road at the same time is also a huge billboard. The temporary machinery working tirelessly day and night along the 70000 kilometer highway in Saudi Arabia, together with the products, reach the hands of users, and the bending and compression resistant cars flying on the road form a beautiful scenery. Saudi road maintenance workers can't help praising: temporary machinery is the patron saint of our roads

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