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Another domestic toothpaste will be auctioned

on May 29, according to red star, on the Alibaba judicial auction platform, the series trademarks of Tianqi toothpaste and the real estate and production equipment of its company Guangxi aoqili Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "aoqili") are waiting to be auctioned

screenshot of Tianqi toothpaste advertisement

the starting price is only 163million

the auction information shows that this auction was conducted by the intermediate people's Court of Wuzhou City, Guangxi, to bid on some assets of Guangxi aoqili Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as aoqili), the person subjected to execution. The total evaluation price of all properties involved in the auction was 233million, the starting price was 163million, and the price increase was 1million, The auction will begin at 10 a.m. on June 11

the assets auctioned include aoqili's houses, buildings, production equipment and 57 trademarks related to "Tianqi". Among them, the purpose of the house is plant and staff dormitory, and the equipment is the production equipment of toothpaste, wipes and other items

according to Caijing Tianxia weekly, the judge in charge of ASTM e1233 (2) 000, the standard test method for the structural performance of curtain walls and doors of Wuzhou intermediate people's court, the evaluation value of 57 "Tianqi" trademarks related to Tianqi toothpaste is about 50million

at present, no one has signed up to participate in the auction, but 76 people have set up reminders. A deposit of 32.6 million yuan is required to participate in the auction

image source: Alibaba judicial auction platform

in its announcement, it was specially reminded that: 1. Bidders should be among the top 20 in the toothpaste production industry in China or have a cooperative relationship with industry-leading enterprises. The filler in these tubes is designed as a cell scaffold. 2. Within one month after the auction, the production line in Wuzhou factory resumed the production of "Tianqi" toothpaste, and toothpaste cannot be produced in other places. 3. Wuzhou high tech Development Zone gives preferential policy support to the buyer to resume toothpaste production

once sold 1billion tubes a year

in addition, according to red star, networking technology is mainly used in the laboratory for management, sample information, result delivery and other aspects. The asset evaluation report presented by the third party shows that "around 2004, Guangxi aoqili Co., Ltd. has achieved a continuous sales revenue of 1billion tubes, with an annual sales of more than 400million tubes of toothpaste, and then diversified due to strategic decision-making mistakes..."

according to the financial world weekly, Tianqi toothpaste won the favor of consumers in 1978 and the title of Guangxi famous brand product in 1984. In 2002, aoqili was acquired by Harbin Xiaosheng group. At that time, the main market of Tianqi toothpaste was still concentrated in Guangxi and surrounding areas, with an annual sales of about 60million

after being acquired by aoqili, Tianqi toothpaste began to put TV advertisements on a large scale across the country. In the first year, more than 60 channels were put in, and more than 200 million yuan was spent. Therefore, the advertisement of "taking photos and shouting Tianqi" was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, greatly strengthening the popularity of Tianqi

these advertisements also produced an "immediate" effect, and the sales revenue in 2002 exceeded 500million at one fell swoop. In 2004, the annual sales volume exceeded 400million and the sales revenue was about 1billion

while the sales of toothpaste soared, aoqili began to take the road of "diversified development". It not only continued to make datianqi toothpaste, but also successively launched "Tianqi detergent, Tianqi hand sanitizer, Tianqi shampoo, Tianqi washing powder..." And a series of "Tianqi" products

however, while pursuing expansion speed, Ogilvy failed to deliver excellent quality and strong competitive advantage. It not only failed to open the market, but also hindered the development of the original toothpaste business in terms of capital and advertising

in 2014, Tianqi toothpaste was forced to stop production due to the high financial cost and lack of funds of aoqili

according to the "Research Report on market prospects and investment opportunities of China's toothpaste industry in" released by red star, China business industry research, in recent years, the market scale of China's toothpaste industry has grown steadily. At the same time, among the top ten toothpaste brands listed, there is no Tianqi toothpaste

On May 27th, 2016, according to Wuzhou report, the assets reorganization of Guangxi aoqili company was successful, and the production of the traditional brand "Tianqi" toothpaste resumed on the same day. The report also mentioned that the restructuring included the consideration of the local government to protect local brands, which eventually attracted Guangxi Financial Holding asset management company and a professional team from Shanghai

in November 2017, according to the Beijing business daily, the person in charge of Tianqi toothpaste said that the basic layout of Tianqi toothpaste has been completed in the South China market, and the entry of first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is still in progress. By 2018, the sales target of Tianqi toothpaste series is 600million

however, Tianqi toothpaste, which has "disappeared" in the market for two years, can no longer reproduce the glory of that year. Colgate, black, Yunnan Baiyao, Zhonghua and other toothpaste brands have carved up the market. Tianqi, which "resurfaced" has not caused much trouble in the toothpaste market

at the same time, Ogilvy's business has been in crisis again. Industrial and commercial information shows that since June 2018, aoqili has been recognized as a dishonest company by the Supreme Court for many times. According to the statistics of Caijing Tianxia weekly, since January 2019, there have been at least 11 records enforced by the court for failing to fulfill legal obligations on time, with a total target of more than 370million

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