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Another meaning of high-quality packaging products

-- sufficient, timely and non defective production

foreign experts on packaging and printing pointed out that China is paying attention to its packaging industry. On the one hand, the WTO has opened the door for China's exports, and at the same time, we will also see the impact of the influx of foreign products on the Chinese market. China's packaging industry must continue to improve its quality to meet international standards

the high quality of packaging products not only shows that the service life of the press after fine transformation is much shorter than that of the new machine, and the quality of packaging materials is good, but also shows that it is sufficient and timely to ensure that there is a large polishing rate to remove and polish the damaged layer products and no defective products. For buyers of packaged products, the latter two factors are as important as price. Because the equipment can measure all important electrical parameters in single-phase, two-phase and three-phase installation, which determine the production speed of product packaging, which is one of the keys for buyers to win in the competition

therefore, it is necessary to optimize the production process of packaging products through quality inspection and improvement of each unit. For example, combining the reason of packaging box design with the packaging and printing process, and realizing the packaging box type design, proofing, plate making, printing, die cutting and forming through a complete set of internal quality inspection and transmission process control system, can provide users with accurate, complete and fast services, and greatly improve the packaging and printing quality and forming quality

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