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Another automobile supporting project in Liangjiang New Area has been put into production, and 86 industrial robots have been put into production line

Hualong at 12:16 on December 11 (chief shezhenfang) recently learned that the baineng dapushi auto parts project located in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area has been officially put into production. The project mainly produces high-end welding and stamping body parts for Chang'an Ford, with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million sets and an output value of 600million yuan

according to the introduction, the total investment of the project is 500million yuan, covering an area of 54 mu. It will play a leading and exemplary role in the transformation and upgrading of traditional auto parts enterprises, and will also vigorously improve the manufacturing capacity of high-end parts in the auto industry in Liangjiang New Area

Zhou Bo, general manager of Chongqing baineng dapushi Auto Parts Co., Ltd., introduced that the project has two hot forming stamping production lines and advanced manufacturing process production lines such as multi station stamping, progressive die stamping and automatic laser welding. Among them, the 2500 ton multi station stamping production line is currently one of the most advanced stamping production lines in Southwest China, which can significantly improve production efficiency, save machine floor space and reduce energy consumption

in addition, it is worth mentioning that baineng dapushi also spent a lot of money to buy 86 industrial robots, and the automation rate has thus increased to 85%. In the workshop, we can see that now the parts assembly, product inspection, mold transportation and other links of the project are completed by robots, and manual work is only responsible for basic work such as loading

according to Zhou Bo, at present, baineng dapushi has obtained parts for many models. As a result, a large number of excellent talents in Chinese enterprises are unwilling to engage in engineering and technology work and production orders. In the future, they will continue to invest in Chongqing, further expand production capacity and promote the development of Chongqing's automobile industry

"now the whole automobile industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading, and pain is inevitable. However, as a supporting industry, don't expose a part of your body to the light beam. We still have great confidence in the prospects of Chongqing's automobile industry. Especially Liangjiang New Area, with such huge advantages in location, policy and other aspects, will become the leader in the development of Chongqing's automobile industry." Zhou Bo said

at present, Liangjiang New Area has eight complete vehicle enterprises, including Chang'an, Chang'an Ford, Beijing Hyundai, Shangtong five, Lifan, Xiaokang, Hengtong and shangyihong, forming a production capacity of 3.7 million complete vehicles, 1 million transmissions and 4.5 million engines, and more than 200 core parts enterprises, with a production capacity of nearly 500 billion yuan. Two automotive engineering research institutes have been established, and a new energy vehicle research center is under construction, A complete automobile industry chain has been established

last year, the automobile output of Liangjiang New Area was 2.28 million, accounting for 76% of Chongqing's automobile output, and the output value was 270billion yuan, including about 200billion yuan for complete vehicles and about 70billion yuan for parts. New energy vehicles have laid the foundation for industrial development and formed a complete vehicle R & D and production system represented by Changan Ford, Changan, Lifan, Jinkang and other new energy passenger vehicle enterprises

data show that last year, the output of new energy vehicles in Liangjiang New Area was 17000, accounting for 40% of the output of new energy vehicles in the city. By 2020, the automobile industry in Liangjiang New Area is expected to achieve an output value of 350billion yuan. Technology is the key to the production of experimental machines. Among them, new energy and intelligent vehicles will achieve an output of 500000 units and an output value of 100 safe and reliable billion yuan

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recently, I learned from jiangbeizui investment group that the viaduct on Qingyun road in jiangbeizui was officially opened to traffic, which will further meet the traffic demand of jiangbeizui CBD, improve the supporting urban infrastructure, and improve the urban quality of Liangjiang New Area


recently learned from the fourth company of China Railway 17th Bureau that with the demolition of the last meter of earth and stone in the left line of the hidden tunnel in Wangjiazhuang Qing (Xihe) section of the second phase of Chongqing rail line 6 branch, it marks the king of the project


recently, the comprehensive service window for the examination and approval of engineering construction projects in Nan'an District was officially put into operation. This is to promote the government to reduce examination and approval, strengthen supervision, and improve services, and promote fair competition in the market, Carry out engineering construction projects "1...


the third Macau International Film Festival and award ceremony held a reception for the international jury of the competition unit on December 10. This year's jury lineup includes Chen Kaige, a famous Chinese film creator and chairman of the jury...


in recent days, affected by the continuous cold air, there have been ice and fog song landscapes on the top of Desheng peak in Rong'an County, Liuzhou city. The ice world wrapped in silver is very beautiful, attracting people Many tourists came to watch


on December 15, the 6th Chongqing "lixuerui Cup" amateur badminton open will be played in the stadium of Dadukou District. Badminton fans will decide the champions of five individual events in the two-day competition day

At the press conference, the organizing committee also revealed that Li xuerui himself wanted to attend the closing ceremony and present awards to the winning players


up to now, the pick-up time of ordinary goods (abdominal warehouse transportation) at Chongqing Airport International Cargo Station has been reduced to 60 minutes, which is 71.4% lower than that at the beginning of this year; The pick-up time of ordinary goods (all cargo aircraft transportation) has been compressed to 1


the 6th Chongqing "lixuerui Cup" amateur badminton open will be held in the stadium of Dadukou District from December 15 to 16. Today (11), I learned from the press conference that all students were admitted to this competition


as a brand event in Chongqing, the 6th "lixuerui Cup" amateur badminton open will be officially waved in the stadium of Dadukou District on December 15, inviting badminton enthusiasts to participate


affected by the strong cold air, the temperature in Ziyuan County continued to drop in the afternoon of December 8. In the early morning of December 9, bridges and roads were frozen in some highway sections in the alpine mountainous areas of Ziyuan County


Huasheng, December 11 (new Hunan client · Huasheng Wang Weiwei correspondent Yang Zhe) in order to ensure road traffic safety, smoothness and order, according to the road traffic conditions, Changsha Public Security Bureau Traffic


swill is an important route of transmission of African swine fever. Swill within the jurisdiction of Changsha is collected, transported and treated in a unified manner; It is strictly forbidden to collect, transport and dispose of swill without permission; No farm (household)


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