Another 300million barrels of oil reserves were di

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Another 300million barrels of oil reserves have been discovered in the rainforest area of Peru. Peru's "business daily" reported on March 24, 2010. According to Bloomberg news, the president of Peru's national oil company said that the light crude oil reserves in block 64 in the rainforest area are about 300million barrels

according to the employees of talisman energy company who found the resource in block 64, the company will announce the details "soon" in Rio

talisman energy company, headquartered in Calgary, said that the so-called list, the company's discovery in block 64 in November 2009 was "encouraging", A. There was a short circuit in the electromechanical winding; b. Electromechanical overload; c. Electromechanical damp before deciding whether to develop the oil resources, it is planned to drill the second well

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