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The application of Dirk tool grinder in the field of medical devices

manufacturing examples of artificial knee joint

with the deepening of biomechanical research on knee joint, the design concept of knee prosthesis is constantly updated, the artificial knee joint replacement surgery is also becoming more and more mature, and the surgical effect is gradually recognized by the clinic. At present, total knee arthroplasty is considered to be one of the most effective and successful operations for the treatment of end-stage or severe knee arthritis. The long-term follow-up results of the initial total knee arthroplasty were encouraging: the success rate was 95% ~ 98%. In some developed countries, a large number of patients receive total knee arthroplasty every year. After decades of development, knee arthroplasty has been a mature orthopaedic surgery, and there are certain procedural operation specifications and modes. However, the operation has high requirements for the operating level of the surgeon. At the same time, the quality and installation position of the artificial knee joint have a great impact on the effect of the operation, which is directly related to the health of patients

the application of prosthesis is an indispensable link in artificial joint replacement. However, in nearly 10000 cases of total knee arthroplasty completed in China, most of the prostheses came from foreign manufacturers with known resistance values of R1 and R2. Experts put forward some hopes for domestic prostheses. Experts believe that at present, most domestic prostheses are imitations with low technical gold content, but the price is still high, and there are not many varieties to choose from. There is a big gap between the product quality and foreign manufacturers, and some products can only rely on foreign imports. Experts called on relevant domestic manufacturers to strengthen product research and development and strive to occupy a place in the huge market of artificial joint prostheses

so what restricts the development of artificial joints in China, making the gap between domestic prostheses and foreign developed countries so large? As we all know, the shape of some artificial joints is very complex, and the requirements for contour accuracy and surface finish are extremely high. Only high-precision 5-axis universal grinding machine can meet the requirements. Therefore, the key to the problem lies in the processing of artificial joints on the 5-axis grinding center. The accuracy and efficiency of the 5-axis grinding center directly affect the quality and cost of products. Only the correct processing method and high-precision 5-axis grinding machine can achieve high-quality products, High quality products determine the health of patients. As the world's leader in high-end grinding machines, Dirk machine tools has provided the best solution. We are willing to do our best to buy another set of the latest resin metering equipment in its laboratory, which can solve the problems of patients

appearance drawing of machine tool

Dirk precision machine tool is headquartered in Weilheim, a famous tourist resort, 50 kilometers south of the world famous city Munich. It has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing precision grinding machines. Its unique vertical structure is a revolutionary innovation in the field of tool grinding. As we all know, when machining tools with the vertical principle, the machine tool can bear most of the loads, and the workpiece is no longer in the cantilever state, which avoids the generation of comprehensive errors under the action of gravity, eliminates the machining errors caused by the overhang length, and makes the stress on the workpiece more reasonable in machining; S22p has its own 8-Position grinding wheel free of benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful materials warehouse, which can use grinding wheels of different shapes, sizes, particle sizes and materials at the same time, and can meet the cutting tools of different specifications, shapes and materials. The rough and finish machining requirements can be completed in one clamping, greatly improving the production efficiency and product accuracy; The spindle motor is a high-precision motorized spindle equipped with an independent water-cooling system. It directly cools the spindle motor at a constant temperature to protect the spindle and ensure the high life of the spindle. The machine tool can balance the torque output at a high speed to ensure the smooth completion of the grinding task; The full closed-loop feedback system of the five axis grating ruler ensures the accuracy of each dimension of the product. Dirk's engineers have rich experience in processing medical devices. Let's take the artificial knee joint as an example to share with you Dirk's valuable experience in processing medical devices

the processing of artificial knee joint can be roughly divided into the following steps:

1 CAD 3D modeling (step, IGES, etc.): engineers can use their familiar UG, Solidworks, pro_ E and other 3D software to build the three-dimensional model of the artificial knee joint

2. CAD-CAM: convert the CAD 3D model data into the motion track recognized by the machine tool, and generate the corresponding G code in the machine tool

3. Measurement: put the preformed blank and fixture into the machine tool, and automatically measure the position of the workpiece and fixture through the accurate automatic measurement system

preformed rough embryo

installed on the machine tool fixture


4 Rough milling profiling profile: according to the 3D model established before, first rough milling is performed to eliminate most of the allowance for rough grinding; Dirk machine tool is equipped with a five axis fully closed-loop grating ruler feedback system. The maximum linear axis resolution can reach 0.0001mm, and the rotating axis resolution can reach an amazing 0.00005 °. Through accurate five axis linkage control, the allowance size of each part during milling can be accurately guaranteed to ensure the uniformity of the entire contour allowance

tool specification: φ 10mm-r2, 4-EDGE r milling cutter

cycle time: About 5min

establish 3D model

rough milling on machine tool

5 Rough/fine grinding contour meets the size requirements: through the cooperation of the grinding wheel warehouse, the replacement of rough and fine grinding wheels can be completed, and the rough and fine grinding can be completed at the same time with one clamping, avoiding repeated clamping errors and controlling the fine grinding allowance more accurately; The independent cooling system of the grinding head ensures that the temperature of the machine tool is constant under long-term continuous operation, avoiding the mechanical expansion caused by temperature changes; The marble base minimizes the vibration and thermal expansion of the machine tool in the grinding process, and maximizes the product accuracy and the consistency of mass production

rough grinding wheel specification: φ 125mm R5 grain size d181

specification of fine grinding wheel: φ 125mm R4 grain size d64

cycle time: About 5min

cycle time: About 20min

rough and fine grinding with diamond roller

comparison between the blank of artificial knee joint and the final product

after a few simple steps, the blank will be transformed into a delicate artificial knee joint, which will help a life stand up again. Perhaps the patient will never know how Dirk helped his legs to be reborn, but these are no longer important in the face of a healthy life, Using the most cutting-edge technology to exchange for the healthiest smile of patients is the goal that German temperature calibration company has always pursued

from the sophisticated single edge grinder so and SOE to the universal hand tool grinder S11, which is popular all over the world, to the most efficient CNC 5-axis universal grinding centers s20e and s22p, these have witnessed the progress and development of Dirk in the field of technological innovation. From national defense and military industry, aerospace, geological exploration, to medical treatment, electronics, communications, automobiles, textiles, etc., Dirk technology has gradually penetrated into every corner of people's lives

medical devices for other purposes produced on Dirk tool grinder


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